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P30 1000W x 2/30A x 2 Dual Channel Bluetooth Lipo Battery Charger

P30 1000W x 2/30A x 2 Dual Channel Bluetooth Lipo Battery Charger

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  • ✔【Synchronous high-performance double channel with intelligent charging]】The intelligent high-speed processor delivers parameter interference to each port. No hassle with maximum charging power of up to 1000 W for a single port. Choose ISDT, powered by Innovation.
  • ✔【Synchronous parallel charging】Built-in two-channel high-speed processor synchronous balance. Maximum parallel charging power up to 1500W. P30 delivers a charging current range from 30A to 50A.
  • ✔【3.5 inch super IPS LCD screen, resolution 320 x 480】 The largest display of all time in the ISDT charger. A sharp contrast to anything else. Including extensive information such as power, capacity, internal resistors and more.
  • ✔【New Heat Dissipation Design】The newly designed convection air duct cleverly uses the internal structure to build a heat dissipation channel that reduces unnecessary losses during the exhaust process and greatly improves heat dissipation efficiency.
  • ✔【Remote control】The P30 has a Bluetooth connection function by connecting the ISD GO APP. After connecting to the mobile phone, you can update the firmware or display detailed information such as charger information, battery voltage, battery internal resistor, etc. in the app. You can also set preset charging tasks to replace cumbersome charging with one key charge.

Product description


Input Voltage: DC 10~34V

Output Voltage Range: DC 1~34V

Maximum input current: 60A

Charging current: 0.2~30A x 2

Discharge current: 0.2~3.0A x 2

DC current: 1.5 A / cell max.

Maximum discharge power: 30W x 2

Maximum charging power: single channel maximum 1000 W, entire machine maximum 1500 W.

Battery voltage abnormal alarm: support

Serial number setting error alert: Support

Supported battery type and string quantity: LiFe, Lilon, LiPo 1~8S, LiHv 1-7S, Pb 1-12S, NiMH, Cd 1-16S

Input interface: XT90i (compatible with XT90)

Output interface: XT60i (compatible with XT60)

Display type: 3.5 inch, 320 × 480 IPS LCD

Operating Temperature: 0~40℃

Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃

Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 65 mm.

Weight: 730g

Box contents:

1 x ISDT P30 charger.

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