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Battair Plugin, 5 Packs 1-2S/3-4S/5-6S RC Model Accessories for Battery Guard Housekeeper Smart Battery Management System

Battair Plugin, 5 Packs 1-2S/3-4S/5-6S RC Model Accessories for Battery Guard Housekeeper Smart Battery Management System

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Smart with Chargers

The BattAir-Supported charger can automatically recognizes battery parameters, monitors the charging status in real time.
Safe and convenient.

Image all batteries are on your phone

In BattAir APP, you can view the power level, set and manage battery parameters, view battery usage records to stay with battery’s health information. You can also upgrade the firmware via OTA and so on, which gives you even more control.

Press and Show
APP Connected
Power > 90%
20% < Power < 90%
Power < 20%
BattAir Plugin is not initialized
BattAir Plugin is not calibrated/Error
Firmware upgrading

Supported Cells of Battery: 1-2S 3~4S 5~6S
Supported Battery Type: LiFe,LiPo,LiHv,ULiHv LiFe,LiPo,LiHv,ULiHv LiFe,LiPo,LiHv,ULiHv
Quiescent Current: 50uA 50uA 50uA
Size: 35x16x9mm 36x19x9mm 36x24x9mm
Weight: 2.8g 3.8g 4.7g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Description not clear - received wrong product

Description says BATAir 2s/3s-4s/5s-6s
Send only 2s i needed mostly 4s so almost useless
No reaction to email

Don Hamp
Two failed right out of the package. No support.

So I have ordered a total of 20 of these and I absolutely love them. Well, 18 of them anyhow. Two failed strait out of the package. I emailed ISDT and explained the problem. They responded a couple of days later and asked for a video showing this. So I sent the video, now they won’t respond. I’ve sent a follow up email, no response. Super frustrating. But what should be a five star review has to be much lower. I will post a full discussion regarding this issue on my YouTube channel in the next few days.

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