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ISDT 608PD Lipo Charger,DC 240W/10A USB C 140W/5A Smart Digital Charger for RC Batteries,Universal Balance Discharge Charger for LiFe/Lilon/LiPo/LiHV (1-6S),NiMH(1-16S),Pb (1-12S) Batteries

ISDT 608PD Lipo Charger,DC 240W/10A USB C 140W/5A Smart Digital Charger for RC Batteries,Universal Balance Discharge Charger for LiFe/Lilon/LiPo/LiHV (1-6S),NiMH(1-16S),Pb (1-12S) Batteries

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New generation of pocket chargers:DC 240W high power / max 10A output with USB C 140W/5A max output,meet your multi-scenario high power for Lipo battery charger needs.

Truly intelligent charger:  Support APP connection, fully intelligent battery management, one-click view of battery parameters and charging status.

IPS screen:Low power consumption, 1.5 inch IPS screen, automatic brightness adjustment, viewing angle 178°, clear and clear display, even in difficult environments or angles, even in strong sunlight.

Powerful cooling system:Advanced artistic cooling air duct, active design of the cross flow cooling air duct, initiator ball bearing fan, with precisely engineered aluminium alloy fins and hi-tech silicon heat conducting pad, construction of a highly efficient heat dissipation system.

Universal charger: Supports charging and discharging for most batteries, including: LiFe, LiPo, LiHv (4.35V~4.50V) 1-6S/Pb 1-12S/NiMH 1-16S, etc.


Maximum Input Current: DC 10A,USB-C 5A

Input voltage range: DC 5-30V, USB-C 5-28V

Output Voltage Range: DC 3.0~30V

Charging Current: 0.5~10.0A

Maximum charging power: 240W/10A,140W/5A

Maximum Discharge Power: USB-C 100W/5A

Support battery type and series: LiFe,LiPo,LiHv(4.35V~4.50V)1-6S/Pb 1-12S/NiMH 1-16S

Balance Current: 0.8A/Cell Max

Operating Temperature: 0~40℃ Storage Temperature: -20~60

Abnormal battery voltage alarm: Support

Alarm for string number setting error: Support

Dimension: 72.5×60×26.6mm

Weight: 85g(±10%)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael K
Used product came to me damaged

I tried contacting support but so far it's radio silence. The charger came to me without a screen cover and a bunch of scratches and small dings on the case. Seems like this product was sold used on sale.

Anton Sztupi
Really afordable

200w charging with no drama
No discharge ability
No problem
Connect battery that you intend to set to storage
Set low voltage
And discharge it's energy into another battery

another one with no working USB out

I have the same Issue as Benjamin Leong.

sometimes it works sometimes not
and sometimtes it stops working after a few minutes without any error message

Smallest PD3.1 Charger

1) Small and flexible inputs (PD3.1 upto 140W or 28V/5A)
2) Cool operation during Charge and discharge (40W dummy load on Type-C).
3) Easy-to-use GUI

1) No DC Power O/P Mode using XT60 connector.
2) No Discharge or Storage mode. The only way we can discharge is by connecting the Dummy PD load to the Type-C connector.

Hope they update their Firmware & GUI to include Discharge, Storage & DC Power modes.

Freezes after startup when using USB-C input

It freezes after startup when using USB-C input. bought 2 units, both of them. The input is 20V/5A and I am able to charge other iPhones and MacBookPro. The firmware has been updated. Is this a problem with the 608PD? I suspect a product defect since this is happening with 2 of the 2 units.

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